Trailer Parking

If you have a vehicle that is not street legal, you run the risk of getting ticketed entering or leaving the show.

No Vehicle-Hauling Trailers Are Allowed On Premises On Show Day

You Must Unload Off-Site

For street-legal vehicles:

If you are staying at the Knott's Hotel, you can park a trailer for $10, unload and drive to the show from there. Non-guests may also park there for $10.

If you are arriving the morning of the show, you can park your trailer and unload at the Sears Auto Center center (across Stanton Avenue) where we are allowed to park in the SW corner of the lot between the Auto Center and Stanton Avenue. Arrive as early as possible, because it fills-up fast and they do have to assure room for customers.

If you don't make it there before they fill up, you should opt for the hotel parking.

For the non-street-legal vehicles:

Contact us for details.