Fequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to register for the 2005 Fabulous Fords Forever -- for what date is it scheduled, and when can I register?

A. The 20th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever will be held on Sunday, April 17, 2005.

Registration forms are now available and you can register any time before April 2 -- or until capacity is reached. Register early to avoid being disappointed

The registration fee has increased for the first time in many years to the price of $35 per vehicle.

To not be disappointed, mail your registration form as soon as possible.

The pre-registration deadline is April 1 to allow the show organizers to plan room for all of the vehicles and displays in the limited space allotted at Knott's Berry Farm. If the show sells-out earlier, registrations (complete with ticket orders, if applicable) received after the sell-out date will be returned.

There is no on-site regisratation
regardless of any no-shows that may occur.

Q. I will be participating in the show this year. What time is it over? When can we leave?

A. The scheduled time of show end is 3:00 p.m. -- but do not leave until all ceremonies are offically concluded. Please keep in mind that leaving the show early is a safety hazard because of the number of spectators present. Please listen for any possible announcements about delays in show closing or vehicle exiting routes. Starting in 2000 we began using different exit gates which might confuse some of you who have been participating for so many years, so please be aware that things are most likely going to be different. We ask that all participants cooperate with us to allow for a safe exit, after 3:00 p.m. or when annouced.

Please remember -- no burn-outs! Drive slowly and safely at all times for the safety of the spectators and pedestrians. If you must leave early, please locate a show staff person at the stage area to be escorted to the appropriate exit.

If you feel you might expect to have to leave before the official end of show, do not participate.

Q. I have heard that the new water park at Knott's has reduced the amout of space for the Fabulous Fords Forever show. Will the show be a sell-out?

A. Yes, but we are squeezing-in as many Fords as possible. Knott's acquired more space for 2005, but we expect the show to continue to be a sell-out before the registration deadline. Please mail your registration early to not be disappointed. There will be no on-site registrations regardless of any no-shows -- no exceptions. If you don't pre-register, you are welcome to enjoy the show as a spectator, and plan in advance for the following year. If you mail your registration after we have sold-out, your money will be returned by mail. If you also ordered discount Knott's tickets when you mailed your registration, that money will be returned also, however you can purchase tickets at the registration area the morning of the show (available tickets are limited).

Q. Does registration for the Fabulous Fords Forever car show include admission to Knott's amusement park?

A. No. The show is in the parking lot surrounding the North and East sides of Independence Hall and thus admission to the theme park or the water park is not required (nor included). However, if you wish to enjoy these amusements, discount tickets are available via mail to both spectators and participants by using the ticket order section of the registration form. Tickets purchased by mail are good any one day starting the Friday before the show, through the end of May. You may also purchase tickets by visiting the booth next to the Fabulous Fords Forever registration desk the morning of the show. For pricing and additional information, please see the registration form or contact our registration office.

Q. I plan to be a show spectator, can I get in for free?

A. Yes and No. Show admission is free to spectators. However, the most convenient parking available is in the main entrance of Knott's Berry Farm, (Soutbound Beach Boulevard across Beach Boulevard from the show) and the parking fee is approximately $9 (subject to change without notice). If that lot is full, there are other Knott's lots that may require you to pay the same fee. Spectator hours are 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. There will be shuttles that serve the show.

Q. If rain is forecast for the show date, is there an alternate "rain date" scheduled?

A. No. Fabulous Fords Forever will proceed -- rain or shine! Us Ford lovers will not be stopped by Mother Nature (slowed-down, maybe; but not stopped).

Q. I sent my check for Knott's Tickets along with my vehicle entry several weeks ago, but the check has not yet cleared the bank and I haven't gotten the tickets yet. Is there a problem?

A. Not likely. But please be patient. We get hundreds of registration forms at a time and they don't always get processed immediately. We also process them in batches so, yours may not be in the same batch as a friend who mailed his at the same time. Once registration confirmation cards are printed, the first batch of those goes in the mail about the first of March. In addition, the discount Knott's tickets are sometimes processed and mailed separately.

Q. Are special hotel arrangements available?

A. Yes, but there is limited availability.

Q. In past years the Fabulous Fords Forever has been the same weekend as the Long Beach Grand Prix, is that true this year?

A. Only a few times the scheduling was unavoidable. At the time of this writing... the next Long Beach Grand Prix is scheduled for April 7-10, 2005. While we try not to schedule Fabulous Fords Forever to be the same weekend, sometimes it has been unavoidable. For more information on the Grand Prix, please visit www.longbeachgp.com.